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General meeting minutes Jan 2016

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At Noon, we first took care of the most important issue first—our regular potluck with such delicious fare and variety we didn’t know what to eat first!! Thank you to everybody for such a great way to start our first meeting of the new year.

The meeting started around 1:00 and in the absence of our President, Larry Corbin, the meeting was called to order 12:55 p.m. by Sandy Corbin, our Treasurer.

Those in attendance:

Barbara Banks

Tina & Gvido Bars

Jack & Jackie Bruner

Sandy Corbin

Linda & Gary Gorremans

Larry & Bobbie Hunhoff

Laura Hutchison

Bruce Jory

Ronica Sobiech

Dave & Faye Sweitzer

Jean VanEffen and David Bagshaw

Sandy Corbin presented the P&L statement with an income of $28.73. The AROW bank balance as at December 15, 2015 is $6,720.35.

It was reported that the domain name for the Internet has been re-registered by an Australian provider.

A discussion ensued regarding a by-law change regarding item VI, changing our current election of officers to a Board of Directors. This discussion was prompted by the fact that our membership is low and we were unable to come up with a slate of officers to vote on items such as what are the benefits of a change, would we still be an affiliate of AOA, do we want to be a “club” or an affiliate?

Along with that discussion, Gvido Bars proposed a suggestion from Alpaca Association of Western Washington (AAWW) that AROW be dissolved and included as members of AAWW. There was much discussion as to whether we wanted to dissolve AROW, what the benefits would be of joining with AAWW, what area AAWW currently covered, how meetings would be conducted., how does their 3-year plan compare with AROW’s 3-year plan. It was concluded by those present at the meeting that we did not want to dissolve AROW at this point and prompted people to give more thought to holding an office. Jack Bruner was nominated for President by Bobbie Hunhoff, as he was unopposed, a vote was held by those present and Jack was elected President. Jack Bruner then nominated Bobbie Hunhoff for office of Secretary and a vote was held by those present and Bobbie is now Secretary of AROW. Barbara Banks agreed to be considered a Director of the AROW affiliate.

The group discussed what our goals for the coming year might be. We discussed lining up seminars and have them listed for the year. Some of the topics suggested were:

  • A presentation will be held on March 19 by Lynn Lipski of Olympic Fiber to explain the idea of her mill purchasing fiber directly from the producer and what her requirements would be for the type of fiber etc. The presentation will be at the ranch of Jean VanEffen and David Bagshaw, at 15631 159th Ln SE Yelm, WA 98597, phone 360-894-1273
    • PLEASE NOTE: We will have a regular AROW meeting beforehand at Noon. Bring potluck munchie items to share.

  • Herd health; one session aimed at new owners (animal husbandry) and another regarding the geriatric alpacas.
  • A veterinary presentation by Dr. Brandy Fay.
  • Marketing concepts, pointing out how to increase the knowledge of and market for fiber as a renewable product rather than emphasizing sales of breed stock and perhaps another photo seminar.
  • How to dye alpaca yarn
  • How to use a peg loom (for rugs, placemats, etc.), and a circular loom (for hat making).
  • Outdoor photography and how to photograph your animals.
  • A good old fashioned hoe down for members and friends.
  • We also discussed having purely social events and inviting new owners and members of other affiliates.
  • Participate in Alpaca Affaire Fiber Show in Elma
  • Participate in Farm Days/open-house as done in 2015

Many members of AROW have been in the club/business for many years and these suggestions may sound like things you already know. We must remember, that each day we should learn something new, and just as important, relearn something old. Education seminars are not only for learning, but for people who have been in the business to contribute by relating the experiences on their farms We need to increase our membership and offer seminars that will inspire folks to join our association. Remember our AROW lead line: “AROW” is about education. Let’s live up to that motto. .AROW is about alpacas and education, but more importantly about people. AROW was organized to mentor new owners and to promote knowledge and care for alpacas for all.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 2:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Bobbie Hunhoff, Secretary

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