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Instructions to create members site

Each AROW member can have their own ranch site with ranch pages, animals and products all of which can be customized. The following document has instructions to guide you through this process. Members can select any point in the process, enter your information and come back later to continue.

Hopefully the instructions are accurate and not confusing. It is a work in progress and you are encouraged to submit any suggestions and point out errors. Have fun and don't get frustrated!!! If things don't seem to work please just call or email jack (360-864-2271, alpacaman@toledotel.com and I will try to help. The developer of the site occasionally makes mistakes and I have access to him. Good Luck.

Please select "how to build your AROW site" for the instructions.

How to build your AROW site word
How to build your AROW site PDF
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