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Alpaca Owners Association (AOA) - Public Website

Alpaca Owners Association (AOA) - member site

Alpaca Fiber

Star Castle Fiber Mill and Farm, LLC

Dawn's Custom Carding
Dawn's Custom Carding offers custom fiber processing and produce quality roving, batts, and webs.

Starry Nights Mill
If you are looking to promote your ranch, it is important to have value added products available. The best way to show customers the fineness of your fiber is to hand them a skein of yarn from your alpacas. If you have bred well, you will get the oohs and ahs that signal an appreciation for handle and softness. They can help you with roving, yarn, batting, or felts to supply your ranch store with YOUR product, not those from Peru.

Fantasy Fibers
Fantasy Fibers has been custom processing fiber since 1996.

New England Alpaca Fiber Pool (NEAFP)
The New England Alpaca Fiber Pool (NEAFP) is an alpaca fiber processing solution supporting farms and retailers across the United States. We pride ourselves on exclusively manufacturing in the U.S.A. for over 18 years, creating environmentally and socially conscious fashion out of U.S. grown alpaca fiber. Our solution provides alpaca farms with a method to maximize the value of their fiber and gain access to commercial scale processing all while still maintaining complete control over their business.


Humming Angels Alpacas
Kim Rooney  - 541.258.2785

Alpacas of Lavendar Lane
Ken Derrick - 360.666.8076

Herd Management Software

AlpacaEASE/HerdEASE is the top selling software for alpaca breeders.

Pakatrak is a full service animal management system designed with simplicity in mind.

Alpaca Health

Washington State university - Camelid Medicine & Surgery
WSU offers a wide range of services for all camelids. Llamas, alpacas as well as cervids (animals in the deer family, from within the State of Washington) are diagnosed and treated for a wide range of disorders.

beginners guide

Beginners guide for alpaca care

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